G-T0EQG81BZP Episode 12: What Is the Ideal Vacation?
The Big Life Questions Show

Episode 12: What Is the Ideal Vacation?

July 15, 2019

In this episode Doug and Chris deal with a crucial question for the summer months: What makes for a great vacation? It turns out that taking a vacation isn't as simple as it sounds, especially when kids are involved. Are vacations just a break or can they be transformative to your life? Should you deal with work email while on vacation? How often do you get really good ideas about the rest of your life while on vacation? How important is it to get to all 50 states in the U.S.? (A subtle dig by Doug.) Are the best vacations the ones where you stay in one place or the ones where you move around? And what is your idea of the ideal vacation? 

3.30 Is reading work email while on vacation advisable?  

9.30 Should you go new places or go where you've been before?

10.20 The All 50 States Contest

14.52 How much should you plan your day-to-day itinerary?

18.20 The Big Life Questions Show Vacation Endorsement

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