G-T0EQG81BZP Episode 38: Why Is Populism Spreading Around the Globe?
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Episode 38: Why Is Populism Spreading Around the Globe?

January 6, 2020

Populism has emerged unexpectedly as a huge global political issue. It's controversial, powerful to its adherents, disruptive, and tumultuous for all concerned. It's also a repeat of past world history. Why is this happening now and what can be done about it?

0.53 The alienated worker class

3.55 Mankind's darker nature

8.00 3 core requirements for populism

9:45 Rising hostility towards capitalism

11.10 Does populism have a better story than progressivism?

16.00 What are the best and the brightest doing now to help the world?

20.00 The hostile takeover of the Republican Party

22.40 What does Brexit mean for U.S. politics?


The information about Swedish professor Benjamin Moffitt and the three core requirements that define a populist comes from a 2017 Bloomberg article by Marc Champion titled "How Do You Know a Populist When You See One?" Chris reads from Champion's piece beginning at the 8:00 mark.


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