G-T0EQG81BZP Episode 45: How Can Individuals Respond to Climate Change?
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Episode 45: How Can Individuals Respond to Climate Change?

February 24, 2020

Climate change activist Jan Krause Greene joins Chris and Doug to explore what actions individuals can take to combat climate change and global warming. Jan is extremely knowledgeable about this important topic and a living example of how to be part of the planet's ecosystem. She shares with Doug, Chris, and episode listeners her personal strategies for dealing with climate change in practical, everyday ways. 

1.15 Antarctica hits record highs

4.15 Getting involved: The big picture

8:35 Measuring your climate consumption: Project Drawdown

12.05 Why you've been chosen to save the planet

14.15 Sustainable investing

19.35 Emergencies and long-term thinking

22.30 Bringing down the temperature

25.50 Humans are part of nature (and not an invasive species)

31.40 Electric cars

35.20 Food waste


Jan's book, "I Call Myself Earth Girl"

Project Drawdown

Sustainable investing

Sustainability newsletter

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