G-T0EQG81BZP Episode 50: How Do We Reverse Global Warming?
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Episode 50: How Do We Reverse Global Warming?

March 30, 2020

Doug and Chris talk with Ryan Hagen, founder and editor of the Crowdsourcing Sustainability newsletter, about the role governments, the private sector, and individuals can play in reversing global warming. Ryan is very knowledgeable on this crucial topic, and his organization has more than 40,000 members around the world. We hope you enjoy this episode - and subscribe to his newsletter (link below)!!

0.45 Ryan intro

4.00 Ryan's 4 big points for reversing global warming

9.20 The coronavirus pandemic and climate change

13.00 Annual deaths from air pollution

17.50 What can individuals do about climate change?

20.00 The 3.5% rule

22.30 The role of public/private partnerships in reversing global warming

27.50 Finding Ryan online

Ryan Hagen links:
Paul Hawken, Well-known climate change activist: 
“The single most important thing to do about reversing global warming is to recognize there is no one single thing, that addressing global warming is a way of seeing the world, a way of being in the world, a pathway to understanding that human systems created the problem and thus the cure is within the whole of the system. The most impactful act an individual can do will depend on that person’s life, knowledge, community, influence, relationships, courage. It will be different for everyone. Together, we act and make a difference. It is not about what 'I' can do. It is about what we can do. Carbon is an atom (and molecule) that holds hands and collaborates. That is what global warming is telling us to do.”

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