G-T0EQG81BZP Episode 53: How Are Other Countries Managing COVID-19?
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Episode 53: How Are Other Countries Managing COVID-19?

April 20, 2020
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Doug and Chris examine what other countries are doing to manage the global pandemic. Turns out the most successful ones are 1) following science-based recommendations to control a pandemic, and 2) not turning daily coronavirus briefings into narcissistic, anger-fueled, and willfully misleading spectacles.

0.40 Big picture stats from Chris

2.50 The one thing that six countries who are doing especially well have in common

4.25 Doug's data dump

6.15 The country in the most trouble

10.00 Masks

11.45 Germany

13.40 Leadership and messaging in a crisis

17.00 South Korea

26.00 The hopeful side

Current death rates by countries - as of 4.19.2020 - Deaths Per Million People

Italy 391

UK 237

Sweden 152

US 122

Germany 55

South Korea 5

Singapore 2 

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