G-T0EQG81BZP Episode 16: What Do We Owe Future Generations?
The Big Life Questions Show

Episode 16: What Do We Owe Future Generations?

August 12, 2019

In this episode, Doug and Chris struggle with the ramifications of what Baby Boomers have done to make the future more difficult for Millennials, Generation X, and succeeding generations. The full gamut of debacles is covered -- climate change, wealth and income inequality, bad leadership, political polarization. Our cohosts scour the planet for possible solutions, or at least ways to make Baby Boomers feel better.

6.58 We need better humans

8.45 We need better models of leadership and success

15.20 A billionaire endorses the wealth tax

20.05 The Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund

21.50 Care and concern for other species

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