G-T0EQG81BZP Episode 4: When Is Quitting a Good Idea?
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Episode 4: When Is Quitting a Good Idea?

May 20, 2019

Some of the hardest decisions in life are deciding when to quit something as opposed to when to double down. In this episode, Chris and Doug ponder how to make these decisions, in work and in life, and when they’ve made good and bad quitting decisions. They discuss when quitting is a good idea, when it’s a terrible idea, and the nuances of the murky gray areas of these big life choices. 

1:56     Here is when quitting a job is not a good idea, but Chris did anyway

4:57     Everything is either a Yes or a No

7:05     When to definitely quit your job

11:47   What to do when your personal life demands more than you can give

17:07   Booing yourself off the stage

19:03   Exit, voice, and loyalty

22:46   When it makes sense to quit without a plan

24:20   The workplace of the future 


Exit, Voice, and Loyalty by Albert Hirschman

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